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Suddenly a swimming ban on the beaches of Mallorca?  This is behind her

Suddenly a swimming ban on the beaches of Mallorca? This is behind her

In the midst of the holiday season, signs prohibiting swimming appear on the beaches of Mallorca, causing concern among tourists.

Many vacationers in Mallorca are uneasy at the moment, because in the past few days signs have appeared on various beaches on the Spanish Balearic island warning of dangerous jellyfish or falling stones. According to the “Majorca Zeitung” report, the beaches in the municipality of Manacor (located between Cala Morlanda and Cala Puta) were particularly affected. Many vacationers are hesitant: can bathing pleasures be dangerous here? However, there is a political motive behind the ban.

Action by opponents of tourism

Activists from the anti-capitalist group Caterva are standing behind the no-bathing signs. Tourism opponents are said to have posted banners to various beaches on the popular bathing island. With a simple trick, the signs are aimed only at vacationers, because the reason for banning showers is in English on the signs – a trivial explanation, however, in Catalan.

The statement said that there is no danger and that swimming is possible without any problems. Political activists made it clear in a press release that they want to take action against the “confiscation of beaches” by tourists.

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