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Ryde fails his championship round due to Storm

Ryde fails his championship round due to Storm

SV Ried missed the jump on the Championship Tour. After advancing twice, the match against Sturm ends 2-2.

SV Ried missed the early crowning of their season by entering the Bundesliga championship group. A turbulent 2:2 (0:0) confrontation against Sturm Graz at the end of the regular season in the Bundesliga was not enough to turn over Upper Austria, who are undefeated at home. Reed continues in the qualifying group. Fortunately, the climber from 2020 lost a few minutes.

Stefan Knots (47th) and Leo Micic (78th) gave Innviertler hope twice. Winning meant permanent participation in the elite field of six players. But runners-up Grazers found an answer through Manprit Sarkaria (ranked 66) and Gregory Wüthrich (ranked 87). Reed finished the regular season in seventh place, one point behind Austria’s Klagenfurt.

Here are all the details about the game

She did not fail because of the will of the “Vikings”. Nene Dolgeles approached a strong start with a central shot at goalkeeper Jörg Siebenhandl for the first time (third). Then Philip Bomer scored after the visiting team’s defense failed to clear the ball several times, but the goal was not counted because Ante Bagic, who sent the cross, was offside (9).

In front of 5,112 spectators, the locals initially controlled what was happening. Without Jacob Guncher, who was missing with back issues, the Grazers entered the match offensively after just a quarter of an hour. Young star Rasmus Hoglund appeared in the 28th minute but was eventually blocked by Luca Maisel. Recoil from the Huge Dane plummeted into the clouds.

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The Grazers now continued “strong” (Christian Elzer) in an intense duel comparison, with a header from David Affengruber not missing much (30th place). Shortly before the half-time whistle, the bar shook in Sturm’s penalty area: after an apparent foul on Andreas Koen, Tin Blavutik’s header hit the metal (45′ + 1′). A long-range shot from Marcel Ziegel confirmed Ryder’s chances (45 + 5).

The Game Association rewarded itself a few moments into the second half: Micic brought the ball up the middle, as Nutz used time and space and defeated Siebenhandl from close range. Alexandre Brass (47) caught the shot decisively.

Sturm coach Elzer reacted and brought an element of creativity with Sarkaria, who was recently ill (53). Shortly thereafter, he emerged as an executor after Höjlund’s preparatory work. The low shot from inside the penalty area did not leave a chance for Samuel Shaheen Radlinger (66).

Reed’s state of static shock was remarkable. But not with Micic, who completed a solo run through Storm Defense with the correct score (78th).

But after a trip by Shaheen Radlinger, the dream was shattered: the goalkeeper touched Anderson Nyangbo’s shoulder and was sent off with a red card (81). Substitute goalkeeper Christoph Haas had to extend his hand behind him soon after. Storm Wüthrich defender has proven his nose for scoring from close range, as he did recently against Hartberg (87th place). Both teams played to win in the end. That opened up the field, but despite all of Reader’s commitment, it stayed at 2:2.