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He wants independence from oil and gas

He wants independence from oil and gas


April 07, 2022 – 9:41 am hour

The federal government has launched a set of laws aimed at accelerating the expansion of green electricity from the sun and wind. According to information from government departments, the Cabinet approved a similar proposal made by Climate Minister Robert Habeck (the Greens) on Wednesday.

By 2030, the share of green electricity in total electricity consumption should increase to 80 percent. This would almost double. However, the FDP only agreed in the Cabinet on the condition that more details be clarified during the deliberations in the Bundestag. This was recorded in a letter accompanying the cabinet decision.

“The Easter package is the largest energy policy adjustment in decades,” according to RTL information from government departments about this package of immediate energy measures. The Federal Ministry of Economy plans to adapt several laws to address the climate crisis and dependence on Russian oil and gas.

Renewable energies in the “overriding public interest”

According to RTL information, the legislative package aims to systematically promote the expansion of renewable energies. According to government departments, the goal is that electricity in Germany will come almost entirely from renewable energies by 2035.

According to RTL information, the Ministry of Economic Affairs is building on several changes to the law with the Easter package in order to promote the expansion of wind power on land and at sea and provide more space for PV systems. According to RTL information, removing bureaucratic obstacles, expanding the network, and promoting end-customer rights are also part of the more than 500-page, so-called Easter package.

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Habek describes the Easter package as ‘a huge thing’

Habek said Tuesday that the package of projects was a “huge thing” for his ministry. It consists of 56 individual laws and measures. The largest part is the new Renewables Act.

The federal government consisting of the Social Democrats, the Green Party and the Free Democratic Party wants to move forward significantly with the expansion of renewable energies and now accelerate this project under the impression of strained relations with an important energy supplier Russia. If the legislative package is passed in the Cabinet, it passes to the parliamentary legislative procedure in the Bundestag. (phs, swi / with dpa)