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Salzburg works in a key team with Schneider

Salzburg works in a key team with Schneider

But in the coming season, everything should be different with high financial expenditures. Scorer T Lonnie will also come from Vienna’s capitals. In goal, Jean-Philippe Lamoreau will extend. Mario and Paul Hopper actually did it. Dominic Heinrich will also stay. Only John Hughes considers an established departure.

The carriage carousel shifts particularly well between Linz and Villach. Joel Broda (last time Graz) will land in Villach. VSV coach Rob Daum is also working hard to get Linz goalkeeper Brian Lebler, who, however, secured a lucrative contract from the Black Wings. Now it’s VSV’s turn again and Lebler must decide how much a good relationship with his former coach Daum is for him.

Tested against the Czech Republic

Initially, Peter Schneider has assignments with the national team on the program. With Bernhard Starkbaum, Dominic Hackle, Benjamin Baumgartner, Mario Huber, Benjamin Nissner, Thomas Ravel, Alexander Rushwald and Marco Richter, eight new players have joined the second training camp in Vienna after a free weekend. The Czech Republic will visit Vienna on Thursday (5.15 PM / Live ORF Sport +). It is the only home game for Austria this season. The last confrontation so far two years ago in Linz, the Czech Republic won 5: 4 on penalties.
“With the Czech Republic, we have a competitor who will play for the medals again within a month at the World Cup,” team leader Roger Badr was quoted as saying on a radio broadcast. This was followed by two away matches against Slovakia and Italy in May.