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Samsung 980 Pro M.2 SSD gets antipyretic version

Samsung 980 Pro M.2 SSD gets antipyretic version

Since then Sony Expand PS5 Internal Memory Released, many people are spoiled for choice as to which memory to use. One of my favorites is the Samsung 980 Pro, which will soon be available as an antipyretic version.

Currently, most gamers repair their SSD and heatsink together, as it is the most cost-effective solution to date. However, some people prefer the full version, which Samsung is now responding to in the case of the 980 Pro M.2 SSD. He will be here by the end of the year Version with integrated heat sink Be available.

As explained by Samsung, there is really nothing to say about the heat sink in the 980 Pro, as the SSD works perfectly from a technical point of view and thanks to the Dynamic Thermal Guard technology. she says:

“SSD 980 PRO has a high-performance temperature management system, where nickel plating improves the heat level of the console. In addition, the heat diffuser dissipates the operating heat and thus effectively regulates the temperature of the flash memory. In order to be able to reduce power fluctuations in the long run, the thermodynamic protection technology maintains the operating temperature of the SSD 980 PRO at an appropriate level. “


The requirements for the heat sink come from Sony itself, which must also be followed in order to ensure the smooth use of the SSD in the PS5.

Prices are not known before

There are no further details on pricing for the Heatsink Edition yet, but it is expected to be more expensive and not very rare. The 1TB version usually costs €250 upwards, which is much more than a handmade solution that costs around €160.

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Initial tests also show that the Samsung 980 Pro M.2 SSD isn’t the number one contender in the PS5 speed test. WD Black is at the top here, with a read speed of 6600MB/s. Almost every other memory, from Samsung, Important & Co. Up to 5600+ Mbit/s. However, in the case of Crucial, you are already checking if everything can be improved for the PS5 by updating the SSD.

Meanwhile, Sony also has Private SSD solution It was announced under its Nextorage brand, which will be available soon. Here, too, the heatsink will already be included, but also at the high prices that Sony is accustomed to.