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Windows 11 will have a lot to offer on release day. You must know about these new features. […]

Windows 11 initially. It depends (among other things) on you (c) Microsoft

who – which Windows 11 Version approaching – Microsoft The operating system is coming with a new look, redesigned taskbar, and strict hardware requirements in early October 2021.

A fresh coat of paint is mandatory for the new Windows version. indeed Windows 11 It also brings with it a long list of new features. We’ll show you some specific new features you can (in part) look forward to with the release.

these Windows 11Jobs you should know:

1. Team chats in the system tray

Do you like it or not, Microsoft Insist on keeping your contacts simply by your contacts desktop accessible. It started with “My People”, continued with “Skype Meet Now” and now continues with Teams: Collaboration tool conversations are integrated into the new Windows 11 taskbar.

“Now you can instantly connect to all of your personal contacts via text, chat, audio or video, anywhere, no matter what platform or device they’re using, across Windows, Android or iOS,” so Microsoft jubilation in Blog post.

Teams collaboration tool is deeply embedded in Windows 11 and is directly available via the new (c) Microsoft taskbar

Useful: In the future, you can mute chat participants directly via the taskbar or start a presentation during a conference call.

2. widgets

The Windows 11 Gadgets must be tricky: Right now, it’s kind of a huge map that stretches across the left side of the desktop. It looks like a bunch of Windows 10 messages, notifications, and personal information of all kinds await us upon release.

Widgets are making a big comeback with Windows 11 (c) Microsoft

There can also be special tool applications. He has an interesting job Microsoft actually Presented as part of the live broadcast: The ability to tip local content creators. “Our goal is to create a vibrant pipeline of global brands and local creators alike that can benefit consumers and creators alike,” Microsoft said.

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3. Android apps on Windows 11

Microsoft Chief Product Officer Panos Panay was “excited” that Android apps are now finding their way into WindowsComputer You find. The Windows Store, after all, can be plagued by severe app poverty for years. with the release of Windows 11 That has to change drastically. It is currently not clear if Microsoft will bring all Android apps to Windows 11 PCs, as they will be sold through the Microsoft Store and not a special version of the Play Store for PC. However, the Amazon Android App Store will work behind the scenes.

With Windows 11, Android apps are finding their way to Windows PCs. It is still not clear exactly how much (c) Microsoft

To run Android apps on WindowsComputers To bring uses Microsoft Intel Bridge . Technology – According to the manufacturer, “a high-level post-compiler that allows applications to run locally on x86-based devices”.

looks like it will be Windows 11 This process is on the device itself, not on the device Microsoft Do the store. Windows 11Computers So you must be able to use android apps and games per side loading To be associated – at least at some point. Microsoft meanwhile announced that Android apps on Windows 11 won’t be available on release day.

4. Store Optimized

A new face for the Windows Store is delayed. Not only can the backend functionality be improved, but the search for new applications can also be improved. So the Windows group plans to equip its store with a new user interface and a significantly improved selection of applications.

The Windows Store should soon provide users with more (c) Microsoft

There will be a few among the new apps in the Windows Store Microsoft– There are special applications that have not yet appeared – such as Microsoft Teams and Visual Studio. In addition, important third-party applications such as Disney +, Adobe Creative Cloud, Zoom or Canva can be found.

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Hopefully, downloaded apps will be saved in some way too – rather than having to re-download them every time they’re added to a new device.

5. Faster updates

Windows updates are not common everywhere. Microsoft He promises to improve these in the future by making them smaller, faster and possibly less intrusive as well. This is made possible because the company pretty much “knows” what code is running on your computer – and delivers it accordingly.

6. DirectStorage and Auto HDR

This DirectStorage – the backbone of file storage Microsoft Current Xbox Series X game console – Play Computers we will move, It was already known. It is now clear that in the framework Windows 11 release will come.

DirectStorage is one of the Windows APIs that controls the so-called “Xbox Velocity architecture”. Refers to Microsoft A policy to reduce the amount of memory an Xbox game needs to load its content as quickly as possible.

In addition, gamers can look forward to AutoHDR: “If you use this function in games that support HDRComputer Activate, you’ll automatically get a great HDR screen for over 1,000 DirectX 11 and DirectX 12 games,” wrote Hannah Fisher, Program Manager at Microsoft, in a Blog post profusely.

7. Windows 11 S.

Microsoft simplified operating system Windows 10 S was not well received. Originally, Windows 10X should be simpler, on the one hand to replace Windows 10 S and on the other hand to compete with Chromebooks. That has now been deleted, and instead Microsoft is now simplifying it Windows 11 Homepage.

8. Voice input with punctuation

Another interesting function in Windows 11 is the possibility of voice dictation using algorithmically applied punctuation. Dictating something on a computer can be a difficult task – but it can also potentially save you a lot of time.

*Mark Hachman is a senior editor at PC and deals primarily with Microsoft and microchips. Prior to that, he worked at PCMag, BYTE, eWeek, ReadWrite, and others.