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Samsung discontinues LCD production - 6 months earlier than expected

Samsung discontinues LCD production – 6 months earlier than expected

Samsung logo on the company building


At Samsung, production represented LCD panels on the siding for a long time. Only one production line should remain until the end of the year. But how will nothing come of it Korea Times reports.

Accordingly, Samsung is stamping its LCD production earlier than planned. previously in June The Korean company abandons the production of LCD monitors.

Competition and declining demand

Early exit due to crushing competition From China and Taiwan. merge with low demand Due to high inflation, the LCD business is unprofitable for Samsung.

Samsung has long since started shifting its production capabilities from liquid crystal displays to manufacturing higher quality devices QLED panels (LCD display with LED backlight and quantum dots) and OLED panels To transform another LCD production facility is expected to produce OLED displays in the future.

QLED TV continues to be manufactured, although it is based on liquid crystal displays. The end of production of LCD panels in the Samsung group (and in the range of other manufacturers that Samsung introduced) will mainly affect inexpensive TVs that do not use QLED. There is currently no end in sight for QLED, as Samsung is only introducing OLED TV again this year after a break of many years.

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