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San Diego Booth: Verona Booth’s son is in America

San Diego Booth: Verona Booth’s son is in America

San Diego Booth Verona Booth’s son is in America

Franco Booth (left) with his wife Verona Booth and their son San Diego.

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Franjo and Verona Booth will continue to visit their son in America. San Diego wants to continue his golf career there.

After two years at the Golf Academy in Tampa, Florida, San Diego Booth, 19, just graduated high school — and is already making more plans for his professional future. His parents, Verona, 55, and Franco Booth, 53, actually hoped their offspring would return to Germany. But the 19-year-old wants to stay in America. He now reveals in an interview to

Model work finances his livelihood

The famous son now wants to expand his golf skills for another year. But he can and wants to finance his life in America. San Diego Booth has also been working as a fashion model for the past year and is under contract with popular modeling agency Elite.

After recently moving out of his student apartment, San Diego Booth is now looking for a new apartment to share with his golf buddies.

Franco Booth: Son San Diego “needs his freedom”

Verona and Franjo Booth have accepted that he will not be returning to Germany for the time being. “He’s at an age now where he needs independence,” says the entrepreneur, father of two. “But of course I’m attached to him. We have a very close relationship,” he tells RTL. Father and son now see their relationship as a “really good friendship”. Both have gone to America for their son’s graduation.

Besides San Diego, Verona and Franco Booth also have a son, Rocco (born 2011). The TV personality and entrepreneur have been married since 2004.

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