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British band Coldplay gave a record concert in Buenos Aires

British band Coldplay gave a record concert in Buenos Aires

In total, Coldplay sold more than 550,000 tickets for shows between October 25 and November 8. “We always love it here in Argentina, but this time it was on another level,” Martin said in a TV interview shortly before the last concert. “We show how amazing the audience is. We are like a mirror.” At a concert, Coldplay performed his song “De Música Ligera” with former members of the legendary Argentine band Soda Stereo. “Honestly, this is the best song on our show,” Martin said in an interview. “It’s not ours, but it teaches you a lesson in humility.”

Coldplay also brought a number of other guest artists on stage at concerts at the River Plate Club’s traditional stadium, including former Disney star Tinny Stossel. In solidarity with the regime’s critical demonstrations in Iran, the band sang the protest song “Pray” one evening. The song is the unofficial anthem for the protests in Iran that have been going on since the end of September.

Before the concert marathon in Buenos Aires, Coldplay had to cancel a number of concerts in Brazil due to singer Martin’s lung injury. The “Music of the Spheres” album tour shows will now be rescheduled starting in March of next year.

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