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Sarah Connor: Scandal in “The Voice”!  Your candidate will be disqualified

Sarah Connor: Scandal in “The Voice”! Your candidate will be disqualified

who – which Sarah Connor (41) Not too strict about the rules, all fans of “The Voice” have known since the singer simply took three of her talents to the show, although she should have sorted out one before that.

Not only the 41-year-old, but also Nico Santos (28) The whistle for the rules in the current season. More on this in the video.

Now the singer’s team is destroyed in the final stage and she can’t help it. No two talents are involved in singing. While candidate Anton resigned for personal reasons, another talent was disqualified by broadcasters ProSieben and Sat.1.

“The Voice”: A candidate from Sarah Connor’s team was expelled

“We have to remove Anwar from the competition,” an official statement from The Voice on Instagram said. Why cyst? “In the course of rehearsals, he repeatedly violated the values ​​on which ‘The Voice’ is based: justice and respectful interaction with each other.”

what exactly happened; Producers do not comment on this. However, they wish all the best to Anwar and Anton who left voluntarily. “We wish both of them all the best in the world for their future.”

Sarah Connor has yet to comment on the talent expulsion either. Interesting: In an Instagram story from Saturday you can find a current training video of your team, with Anouar. In it all, perform “Vincent” for Connor, who is standing next to her and enthusiastically vibrates with the beat. We do not see here that one of the candidates is about to be expelled.

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