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Difficult Childhood: That's Why Mariah Carey Loves Christmas

Difficult Childhood: That’s Why Mariah Carey Loves Christmas

Mariah Carey (51) The Christmas season rings again this year with her song “All I want for Christmas is you” one. Since 1994, the singer belongs to the birthday of many people around the world, as well as gifts to others. Just one day after Halloween, the musician says “Happy Birthday” – but why Maria Actually too crazy about the festival?

In an interview with photo on sunday The 52-year-old tells about her childhood: “I grew up in a very difficult, sometimes brutal family.” The only glimmer of hope for her was Christmas – her mother, Patricia, was always doing her best to give her children happy holidays. Other days, her life was completely different: her older sister not only teased her, but also tried to Maria drugged and sold as prostitutes. However, any quarrels in her family were set aside at Christmas time.

“I had an advent calendar, we were singing. You [Mariahs Mutter, Anm. d. Red.] I really understood what Christmas is. This saved me at the time.”The artist explained. Now she wants her children Moroccan (10) and Monroe (10) Enrich them with beautiful moments as their mother did for them.

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