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Sarah Lombardi again Sarah Engels: The photo kiss in the wedding dress

Sarah Lombardi again Sarah Engels: The photo kiss in the wedding dress

Wedding Dress Photo: Actress Sarah Lombardi and footballer Julian Bucher received congratulations on Instagram on Sunday. In one of the photos posted, the couple kisses – he’s wearing a gray suit, and she’s in a white embroidered dress. In the other photo, the 28-year-old puts his arms around his partner and kisses her cheek, smiling. The rings of the two are clearly visible.

The caption “MR & MRS ENGELS” indicates that they both now carry the maiden name Sarah Engels. The couple announced their engagement in November. The runner-up “Deutschland Like You Den Superstar” in 2011 also changed the name of her Instagram account, which has 1.6 million followers. Julian Bucher, who kicked in at Bonner SC, is now called “Julian Engels” in the social network.

Sarah Inglis was married to singer Pietro Lombardi from 2013 to 2019 and they have a son. They met on the eighth season of RTL casting “DSDS”.

In an afternoon video, the singer said, “Thank you so much for all the lovely and loving messages we just received. I just got so many messages and you are leaving so much love there. Thank you for that.” Previously, for example, broadcaster and influencer Cathy Hummels, actress Susan Cedropoulos and presenter Marilyn Lovin congratulated. At first there was no quick confirmation with the wedding details.

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