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Tarot Online gratis: DIESES Sternzeichen strotzt vor Selbstvertrauen

Tarot Day Card Today: This zodiac sign needs a break

The Tarot cards of the Major Arcana have been used as an oracle since the 17th century and are an effective aid to support and reinforce the meaning of the constellations. All Star sign A card is assigned every day according to the characteristics of the twelfth day Zodiac signs Explained. Know yourself in your horoscope and your tarot card.

Sagittarius (11/23 – 12/21)

Tarot Card: Ruler

© Andreas Roth

An active Sagittarius is getting a massive boost of energy from the universe today. His Tarot Card “The Ruler” allows his creativity and ensures that he stays on the ground and listens to his natural rhythms. This zodiac sign can look forward to new contacts, professional and positive changes, and possibly even newcomers. The open arc is now allowed to develop freely and enjoy the new growth in its life.

Steinbock (22.12. – 20.01.)

Tarot Card: Deer of Fire

Tarot card 0-the-fool

© Andreas Roth

The reserved Capricorn’s sweet expression is likely to be more icy today than usual. The tarot card “The Fool” asks him to do something that he cannot agree to under any circumstances. This zodiac sign categorically refuses to act foolishly, but the universe believes that it can use more vitality and spontaneity in its life. Sure, a stubborn Capricorn sees it completely differently, but if he doesn’t want to keep going boring roads, he has to accept the wisdom of a fool.

WASSERMANN (21.01 – 19.02.)

Tarot Card: Temperature

Tarot Cards - 14 - Lightness

© Andreas Roth

For the prolific Aquarius, it’s no longer funny today. The tarot card “moderation” urges him to withdraw a little more and be moderate. This zodiac sign loves to go to sea, which is why the cosmic order now reaches and calls for greater harmony, peace and healing of old wounds. The eccentric Aquarius sees it calmly, but is also smart enough to see that an overflow is rarely good.

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Fish (02/20 – 03/20)

Tarot Card: Ermit Abbey

The Tarot Card 9-Hermit

© Andreas Roth

Today he becomes lonely with the cute fish. Her tarot card “The Hermit” would like to indicate that now is the time to be silent and to stop all thoughts in meditation. This zodiac sign can draw great strength from her and relate to her subconscious mind. For a woolly Pisces, this is the perfect opportunity to clarify their will, free themselves from manipulation by others and find their authentic path.

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