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Save electricity with the flashlight trick: hardly anyone knows about this feature

Save electricity with the flashlight trick: hardly anyone knows about this feature

If you want to reduce your electricity costs, you can use a simple trick. A flashlight or cell phone light will help.

Many people already have a digital electricity meter at home. However, very few people actually deal with it. The meter can certainly help save electricity.

YouTuber Sebastian regularly posts videos on the topic of home improvement and do-it-yourself on his channel ‘Basti HW’. In a video, he shows the function of an electricity meter that very few people know about. Explains how they can be used in a targeted way to reduce energy consumption.

The hidden button on the digital electricity meter: how to find it

With a simple trick you can save money by using digital electricity meters.

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Requirement: It must be a digital electricity meter. Analog or older meters do not have this display option. By 2032, all homes in Germany must be equipped with a digital electricity meter. At first glance, the hidden button cannot be noticed. The lamp icon can only be seen if you take a closer look.

Behind it is an optical button that can be triggered by a flashlight or mobile phone lamp. You simply highlight the sensor. The display changes and the test field appears, where all the numbers can be seen. If you light the button again, the following function appears. When using it for the first time, you will be asked to enter a PIN. Then all functions are permanently activated.

This is how the light bulb trick helps save electricity

You can obtain a PIN from your meter operator. In most cases, this is the operator of the local power grid. You can request the code for free online or by phone. Along with the PIN, you will receive instructions – here, too, the entry takes place via light signals. The number increases as soon as you hit the sensor with a cone of light.

If the PIN is entered correctly, other functions will be activated. You can now see the current power in watts, marked with a “P” on the left edge. If you press the visual button again, the screen will change and you will get the power consumption of the last 24 hours. You can switch between the program and view consumption over the past 7, 30 or 365 days.

The electricity meter at the top right shows whether the electricity is fed from a balcony power plant or from a photovoltaic system (-A) or whether the electricity comes from a public grid (A+). But how does this help save electricity? With the hidden function, you can quickly and easily see how high the consumption of individual appliances in your home is. This will give you a better sense of how much electricity you’re actually using and where you can best save.

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