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Say that multiple!  Final round to Vienna

Say that multiple! Final round to Vienna

Students are cosmopolitan in Vienna – regardless of nationality and place of birth. Her pronouncements not only endow her with a multilingual rhetorical competence on stage. Arabic, Spanish, Bosnian, Hungarian, Chechen, nearly 40 languages ​​can be heard in this round of ORF’s multilingual speech competition. The diversity of young people in Vienna in terms of language, cultural background, and family immigration history is a reality, a normal state, and merits an appreciative willingness to engage in dialogue.

These young people share their struggles for identity and their life prospects, giving insight into very personal experiences, and showing insight and strength. Other topics covered are: Welcome to Europe; Peace – more than a yearning for security? This is how school makes you strong! future? Hope instead of fear! especially now; Solve the energy crisis and protect the climate – get out of your comfort zone! memory – without yesterday there is no tomorrow; Diversity makes us stronger.

But there is also room for democracy, human rights, children’s rights, women’s rights, and climate justice, as well as experiences of bullying, body shaming, or racism. Speakers combine information and emotion to give weight to their position.

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