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World Cup – Austria managed to stay in the World Cup with a 4:3 victory over Hungary

The Austrian ice hockey team is still top notch after a touching final at the World Championships in Tampere. On Monday, ÖEHV’s selection won the direct duel against Hungary 4:3 after a penalty shootout (1:2,2:1,0:0,0:0,1:0) and qualified for the A-WM from May 10th. – 26, 2024 in the Czech Republic (Prague, Ostrava). Goalkeeper Bernhard Starkbaum was unable to defeat on penalties (2: 0).

As in the previous year against Great Britain (5:3 after a 1:3 deficit), also in Tampere the final decision was nail-biting. Once again, the Austrians had to catch up after 1: 3, they fought back and for the first time in 19 years managed to stay among the top 16 countries twice in a row.

After Marco Rossi scored a stunning solo goal to make it 1-1 (13./PP), Hungary pulled away with two goals. Stephen Strong (27) and Lukas Hadum in his 100th cap (38 / PP) brought Roger Bader’s team to 3: 3. In the penalty shootout, Manuel Janal, Dominik Heinrich and Starkbaum made sure of a happy ending with three saves. In the event of a tie, Badr’s team won the direct match.

Start with enthusiasm

Austria started with a lot of energy, but Hungary quickly recovered and took the lead during a period of pressure. Istvan Sofron reached the goal alone in front of goalkeeper Bernhard Starkbaum and scored from close range (9′). With a solid performance, Rossi leveled the power play with his first World Cup goal. The experienced NHL center completed a solo run across the field to make it 1-1 (13).

However, Hungary went into the first half with a big lead thanks to their first manpower goal of the tournament. Sofron drove towards a shot at the near corner and stunned Starkbaum (20′). In the middle third, the promoted team followed suit, Milan Horvath increased the lead to 3: 1 with a hidden shot (25). Peter Sneijder was unable to capitalize on two good chances, but the defender stepped in instead. Stephen Strong poked the puck over the line to score (27′).

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The Austrians kept up the pressure and used one of their strengths to equalise. A day after his 26th birthday, Haudum completed the power play with a straight win to make it 3:3. It was the fifth goal of the red-white-red in the twelfth overtime game, giving Austria the strongest performance of all the teams.

In the final third, Rossi & Co gained the upper hand against the always dangerous Hungarians, but the goal of recovery in regulation time did not work out. But in the penalty shootout, the Austrians had the upper hand. (appa)