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Schrick – Kreuzstetten – Peter replaced himself and created the golden goal

Schrick – Kreuzstetten – Peter replaced himself and created the golden goal

Partner – Kreuzstetten 1:0. Kreuzstetten needed to beat a strong Schrickers team at home so as not to spend the winter in last place. FCK coach Markus Ströschneider was absent due to illness, and Helmut Schönweis coached the team in his place. In terms of gameplay, the match was not enjoyable. Even in the space conditions, both teams played a lot of long balls. The visitors had a couple of chances in the first phase in their unusual 3-4-3 formation, but otherwise the first half was an even affair with little action in the goal area. However, in the 13th minute, Christian Ravas was substituted injured after a foul by Dominik Schertler.

“I hit him with a ‘stretched’ and he could have been down yellow-red after just 30 minutes,” said Schrick’s coach Alexander Peter, who sat on the bench as in recent matches and has now been substituted. Finally, Adrian Rahmani was suspended and Maximilian Zack was also taken off. In the second half, Peter saw an increase in his team’s chances, and Schoenweitz said again: “We played well and intercepted their balls, but we also committed a lot of mistakes because of space.” At around the 70th minute, Bahri Setien finally squandered a great chance to make it 1-0 after bitter preparation work, but in the 72nd minute it happened: this time the coach passed Setien forward, and the striker now stayed cool and struck the far corner.

Kreuzstetten finished the match outnumbered

In the 82nd minute, Dominik Schertler, who was booked, was forced to leave the field with a yellow and red card after repeated fouls. Given their numerical superiority, the visitors had a good last chance to equalise, which goalkeeper Marcel Hrabac made a good save. Peter, whose team remained unbeaten for the eighth time in a row, summed up: “It was a well-deserved win, and it was difficult again in the end.” Schönweis saw a “typical 0-0 result”, and despite the poor seeding, “a good fall tournament, we really fought back despite the many injuries”. Stroschneiders Co. is also sending a “Sports Greetings, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.”

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11/11/2023 at 2:00 pm


Partner – Kreuzstetten 1:0 (0:0).

Target sequence: 1:0 (72) Cetin.

Yellow cards: Steiner (90+3. Unsportsmanlike conduct), Akpinar (80. Unsportsmanlike conduct); Dominik Schertler (foul 58), Wendt (criticism 85).

Yellow and red card: Dominik Schertler (foul 82)

a partner: Hrback; Schmid, Niklas Mayer, Steiner, Oliver Mayer; Akpinar (90+2. Reuter), Zabrachny; Mayer, Ravas (13th century), generation; Setin.

Kreuzstein: Yovanovitch; Kofler, Find itMartin Freudofmeyer; Zweib, Dominik Schertler, Florian Schertler, Weichelberger; Large (55. Butz), Westermayer, Klein.

77 spectators, referee: Maximilian Kirchner.