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Würmla – Seitenstetten – Despite trailing 0-2, a draw wasn’t nearly enough

Würmla – Seitenstetten – Despite trailing 0-2, a draw wasn’t nearly enough

It probably won’t be entirely clear what areas SV Würmla were in during the first twenty minutes. “On the field” they were physically, but mentally and emotionally in “nirvana”. After just six minutes, the first deep sleep phase began: attacking through the right side of the defence, Weringer had his goal – 0:1. Würmla was completely disoriented, and 0:2 was the logical result, a similar situation where the home team’s entire defensive block was not there. But after this horrific episode, the home team came into the game better from the 20th minute onwards. Fikri’s shot was blocked and after a commotion the visitors scratched the ball on the goal line (20).

Dominik Rauscher accepted a “foul gift” from the guests and reduced the score to 1:2

Almost nothing has changed in terms of game level. The temperature continued to match – autumnally cold, windy and not particularly inviting. But Seitenstetten from now on stopped the game forward, but he committed a stupid foul in his own penalty area. Dominik Rauscher accepted the ‘gift’ and slotted the ball into the net from a penalty kick to make it 1-2 (26th place). Now the game seems to be slowly turning. Another very good chance, before the end of the first half, wasted by the home team.

After the break, only Würmla played, but it didn’t look like anything more than a draw.

Sittingstetten’s participation in the match is almost classified as “non-existent” in the second section. Mostviertel did absolutely nothing for the match. The motto was “High and Far”, and unfortunately Würmla was involved in this misplay at times. However, there were some organized attacks, and Shimane failed once (54). Then a penalty alert sounded in the visitors’ penalty area – Patrick Dink was taken off his feet, although perhaps not intentionally, but illegally. But the assistant referee did not respond for any reason. He should have been punished (68). But Formula fought bravely, dropping the ball three times, but it finally ended in the visitors’ goal through Clemens Liebert – 2-2 (78′)! Now the home team wanted to win. The visiting goalkeeper brilliantly blocked another shot from Liebert. A score of 3:2 would have been deserved. In the end the result was a rather unsatisfactory 2-2 for the home team, even if they had made up the difference. the Athletic Director Michael Rauscher He also saw her with a laugh and a tearful eye: “We were not there for the first quarter of an hour. But from the thirty-minute mark we were clearly superior on the pitch and in fact we could have won this game if we hadn’t had to. However, we have made up for this deficit. A conciliatory farewell.”

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Formula – Sagesteten 2:2 (1:2).

Target sequence: 0:1 (7th) Weringer, 0:2 (10th) Pustka, 1:2 (27th place, penalty) Rauscher, 2:2 (80th place) Liebert.

Yellow cards: Lippert (foul 62), Dink (foul 90), Schnopp (foul 52), Huemer (foul 32), Nussbaumer (foul 36); Zattel (foul 42), Weringer (foul 55).

Formula: Hegel. Huemer (46. Wallner), Nussbaumer, Rauscher, Schreyer; Lassnig, Schauer (Strohmeyer 82), Shimane (Nintwich 86), Liebert; Schnopp (Marshal 82), Dink.

Sittingstetten: Johannes Eder; Andreas Eder (90 + 1 board), Reitmansberger (67 Gugler), Zattl, Kammerhofer, Pustka (HZ. Schachermeier), Feringer, Dietl, Sihek, Berger, Hausberger.

120 spectators, referee: Oscar Kokoschka.