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Second League: Lukas Groswerk took advantage of the derby match - football

Second League: Lukas Groswerk took advantage of the derby match – football

Unbelievable but true: After 190 matches in the Bundesliga and nearly 50 matches in Germany and Georgia, Lukas Grozorek made his debut only in the Second Admiral League against FAC.

At the age of thirty, the winger unexpectedly made his debut in the second division of First Vienna FC. Regular regular Niels Zattle injured his thigh during the warm-up before the Vienna derby, coach Alexander Zillhofer – incidentally two years younger than Groswerk – swept his pupil into the starting lineup in no time.

Thus he showed a golden touch, because the former Sturm and Rapid player of all people took advantage of the moment and the rookie scored his goal to make it 1-0 and in the end also the derby win with the runner-up (FAC votes after the derby bankruptcy >>>).

“It was a perfect ball from ETA (note: Itamar Noé). We discussed in the dressing room that the pitch was boring and the ball would stay. The defender underestimated the ball, so I did a good job. Then it wasn’t. Too difficult anymore. Groswerk dryly analyzed his golden goal.

“Positive Anger” in Grozurek

The 30-year-old received special words from his coach: “Groso told us, that’s why you scored today,” Zillhofer laughs.

“He worked hard in training and you can see how the players are for each other on the pitch. If one of them can’t, the next player jumps and when it’s done that way, everything is nicer,” says the youngest coach in League 2.

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who provokes “positive anger” in Grozorek, having only played the second violin at the moment. “You want to play, that’s very clear,” explains the former team member. “Every player wants to play – young or old.”

But he also showed his understanding that the team had to stay the same after the 2-0 win over Blau-Weiss Linz. “We did really well in the first round, so it was good to have the same team play again,” Grozorek said.

“But we knew that if something like today happened, we had to be there. That’s the case for all of us, including those who came. And that’s what sets us apart,” Groswerk puts the powerful Vienna Group in the spotlight.

Vienna compact and mentally strong

Zellhofer was already able to build on such a “good mix” of young and experienced in the championship season at Regionalliga Ost. This means that the tooth can now be drawn from both the preferred and runner-up title.

“The youngsters learn from experienced players. In one situation or another in the past, we learned a little and this time we played dry at home,” explains the coach, who also emphasizes compactness and “the right mindset”.

Georg Zillhofer’s son had to put up with a few moments of anxiety in the first half, as the FAC clearly dominated the match and created a number of big chances – but didn’t take advantage of them.

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Big Opportunities for FAC in VIDEO Highlight:

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Zillhofer explained that this also relates to “the match plan that was thrown out at sea in a short time due to the absence of Niels Zattle.” We were also five minutes late due to injury. We got through that well and then we got it right again.”

After 1-0, Vienna focused on defense, defending in a group and never lacking the necessary consistency.

Vienna would have signed it immediately

Thus, the regional champion, considered by many to be a relegation candidate, is flawless after the first two rounds of the Second Admiral League.

A surprise for many, including Zillhofer: “We would have signed this start right before the start of the season,” he says. “We didn’t think it would work like that. The draw isn’t the easiest in the first five rounds,” the 28-year-old says, addressing upcoming duels with Livaring and Admirra, among others.

“But we knew if we got through the first game well, we’d have chances. And we saw that today,” said Zillhofer proudly. The Vienna coach is already looking forward to the next round with reverence.

Then comes the SKN St. The unbeaten Pölten at Hohe Warte, who recently presented himself with a 5:1 victory over Rapid II, is in the mood for a goal. “In terms of level, St. Polten is definitely a step higher,” says Zillhofer.

“They are a really good team with a great team of coaches, very tactically variable, and a lot of good moves. That will be a huge challenge again.” A challenge that Vienna would certainly accept with great confidence.

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