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Worried fans: Darko Lazic is missing!

(Photo: Instagram / darkolazicofficial)

Darko Lazic Saturday evening should be with teammates Stefan Djuric and Rasta Regalia Popovich He presented in Norrköping, Sweden, but did not appear.

Since then, Darko has mysteriously disappeared and none of his colleagues know what happened to him and why he decided to take this step.

As Currier learned from an informed source, Rasta and Relia, as well as members of his squad, arrived at Belgrade Airport at the agreed time. However, Darko did not appear and did not tell any of them that he was not coming, even though he was on his way to Surcin.

Rasta and Rilia arrived at the airport on time. However, Lazic did not appear there for some reason. He was suffering all day. The strangest thing is that he drove to the airport with the musicians in their car. However, the man suddenly disappeared. Literally no one knows what was happening to him and where he was going. He told the band members that he’s going to the airport in his car and that’s all they know. Nothing was clear to them, but they traveled to Sweden in the hope that he would show up at some point. Everyone called him – from his managers to the concert promoters – and they couldn’t find him. His phone was off, they called him on WhatsApp but he didn’t answer. “It feels like it just disappeared into the ground,” our source says, adding:

The team made a flight in the afternoon, about two hours. Since he did not show up at the airport, the organizers took new tickets for his 6 p.m. flight. However, Darko was still unavailable, so he missed that flight as well. They no longer know what to do or how to try to find it. They also called his girlfriend Katarina to see if he was okay and they might not be together, but she didn’t answer the calls either. By the way, for this performance, in which he did not perform, the singer received an advance of 3000 euros.

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His superiors got an advance payment for this achievement. Plane tickets were also paid for him and the band members, so a new ticket was bought for him, and then hotel accommodation for everyone. After all, the organizers lost about 6000 euros because of it. Everyone is very upset because of this unprofessional behavior and people from Sweden are asking the Lazic administration to return the money they gave them and pay all other expenses. Rasta and Relia created a great atmosphere, the club was full even though Latzic let them down,” concludes our source.

Darko also did not answer our calls, while his mother indicated to Branca that she did not know what was going on with her son.

“I don’t know anything about it. We haven’t heard or seen each other for a few days. Now I will call him to find out where he is. I hope everything is fine. I will get back to you later,” Branka promised, but she did not reply to us later either.

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