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Swedish Prime Minister resigns |

Swedish Prime Minister resigns |

A few hours after she was elected as Sweden’s first female prime minister, Magdalena Andersson announced her resignation. The Social Democrat said: You have asked for the dismissal of Parliament Speaker Andreas Norlein, but you are striving to become Prime Minister again. Previously, her election was only so close: one more vote against — and Anderson could have been immediately deprived of her position: 117 voted for the 54-year-old on Wednesday, against 174.

In order to become prime minister, Anderson could not be rejected by an absolute majority in the 349-seat parliament. However, the former coalition partner – the Swedish Green Party – announced that they were leaving the government. The reason for this is that Parliament approved an alternative budget proposal from the opposition. For the first time, the Reichstag in Stockholm agreed to a state budget that was negotiated “with a far-right party” (meaning the Sweden Democrats), according to the Green Party. Anderson pulled the barbed wire.

It remains unclear whether the head of the short-term government will have to face another election or not.
Anderson, a former Treasury secretary, is referred to in the media as an “economic bulldozer” and is seen as a direct and leftist when it comes to social and economic policy. In fighting crime and policy toward foreigners, she prefers to turn toward the populist right.

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