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Ski jump: Pinkling triumphed at Wesla

Ski jump: Pinkling triumphed at Wesla

Ski jump

Eva Pinkling secured Austria’s first victory in the second World Cup. The women from Vorarlberg, who finished third the day before, won the second contest in Wisla on Sunday, ahead of Germany’s Katharina Althaus and Frieda Westmann, who took Sweden’s first podium in the women’s class.

Defending World Cup champion Sarah Marietta Kramer had to take second place in the first competition this time around, with opening event winner Selge Obseth (Northern Norway) taking one place behind. As on Saturday, the Austrians finished all five in points, with Chiara Kreuzer, Jacqueline Sefriedsberger and Hannah Weigli taking the 15th, 25th and 26th places.

For Binkling, who had already led at halftime, it was his fourth World Cup victory and after three successes in Japan, his first in Europe. It also took the lead in the overall standings. “I have to pull myself together to keep my feelings to myself and not immediately burst into tears of joy,” Pinkling said in an interview with ORF. “It was a perfect competition. It is a very special victory after the spleen was ruptured.” She experienced this on December 2, 2020 during training in Seefeld.

Peeking takes the win

Dornbirnerin is the strongest jumper of both rounds

Coach Harald Rudlauer also expressed his admiration after the strong performance: “Eva has been in great shape for months and has moved the summer really well. She was much calmer today than yesterday and I’m glad she took the lead so easily.”

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Self-Critic Defense Champion

Kramer was third after the first round, but lost three places in the end. In the overall standings, she is now third behind Pinkling and Obseth. “Congratulations Eve. She’s jumping really well. I didn’t do well today. I know what to work on. Maybe you jump away first and only then fly, that would be an idea,” Kramer said, self-deprecating.

6th place for Kramer

After second place at the start, the World Cup winner missed the podium this time

She has some time now to be at her best. After an early start, which first occurred as a hybrid event with an icy track in the previous period but on a green mat, the women now have a four-week break. Upcoming competitions are not even 3/4. December in Lillehammer in the program.

Women’s Sunday Jump in Wisla

Final result after two rounds:
1. Eva Pinkling AUTO 129.0 / 128.5 262.3
2. Catherine Althouse M 123.0 / 131.0 251.4
3. Frida Westman SWE 127.0 / 127.5 248.7
4. Nika Kriznar SLO 124.0 / 129.0 246.5
5. Sarah Takanashi JPN 121.5 / 129.0 242.2
6. Sarah Marietta Kramer AUTO 124.0 / 124.0 240.5
7. Selji Obseth Nor 117.5 / 127.0 234.7
VIII. Yuki Ito JPN 122.0 / 122.0 232.5
9. Ringo Miyajima JPN 122.0 / 123.5 229.5
10 Josephine Bagnier FR 119.0 / 123.0 226.2
15th kiara cruiser AUTO 115.5 / 119.5 219.6
25 Jacqueline Sefriedsberger AUTO 108.5 / 108.5 181.8
26 Hannah Wigley AUTO 110.0 / 107.5 180.8