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Croatian or Swiss rocker Harry Styles

Croatian or Swiss rocker Harry Styles

Nemo is Harry Styles on Turbo

Another big favorite uses this trick too: Nemo from Switzerland. For him, it's “Ohohoh” and his song “The Code” is also more diverse in other ways. His stage costume resembles an extra plate of sausages on which a firecracker has exploded; Overall, the non-binary artist looks like Harry Styles on Turbo. His stage show stands out in the prevailing monotony of “a woman without pants dancing with several men”: he balances on some sort of giant microwave plate.

Yes, the idea of ​​Europe in the Eurovision Song Contest

On Friday, according to the bookmakers, Israel suddenly moved into the favourites, with Eden Golan's powerful song “Hurricane”. Recently, Ghost Klein was no longer seen as having such great chances of winning. Dutch gives a real Punch and Judy performance, including the ridiculously high shoulder pads, but his song “Europapa” has an almost serious song contest background: it's about the idea of ​​Europe and his father, who got lost at a young age.

Strangers in thongs

France (Solomon's All in White) and Italy (Angelina Mango sings of boredom on the Crown of Thorns stage in “La Noia”) have also been at the top in terms of betting odds for a long time. Just like Greece, here Marina Sati sings very loudly and raps very fast in “Zari”. At best, Finland has an outside chance with its underpants-wearing clown: Windows95Man is unlikely to win Saturday with a “no rules” slogan including bizarre fireworks in hot pants pockets.

By the way, bettors always see Austria in the bottom midfield. Whether starting No. 26 — his last — represents an advantage for Kaline and the song “We Will Rave,” which the TV voting public still remembers so well, will only become clear Saturday night.

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