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Shock Confession: That's Why Sophia Thiel Had to Gain Weight - Stars -

Shock Confession: That’s Why Sophia Thiel Had to Gain Weight – Stars –

Sophia Thiel
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In the new video, the influencer talks candidly about why she had to gain weight to recover again.

German influencer and fitness blogger Sophia Tell withdrew from the public for about two years after a meltdown in 2019. At that time everything grew above her head: she had several projects running at the same time and was under tremendous pressure and pressure.

Through her book Coming Stronger: My Long Search for Myself, she reported at the beginning of this year. Since then, she’s been talking candidly with her fans about her mental health and has frequently spoken out about her eating disorder.

She explains that at one point she only defined herself by her weight and appearance, which is why she developed an eating disorder. “Anything over 58 kilograms is no longer acceptable.” She panicked before she gained weight and became obsessed with diets.

But with the help of therapy, the 26-year-old can no longer learn to rely on scales. Sophia has gained weight precisely to be able to let go and heal. This was the only way she was able to get away from the constant fear of gaining weight and losing her shape.

Today Sophia knows that her inner values ​​are much more important than her appearance. She also tries to pass this on to her fans. Since her return, she has been more interested in the topics of mental health and stress on the body and its partners.

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