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Matt Dillon as guest star at the 59th Finale

Matt Dillon as guest star at the 59th Finale


The Viennale, which officially opens its 2021 edition on Thursday, can enjoy the magic of Hollywood this year: Matt Dillon, who recently caused a shiver in Lars von Trier’s “The House that Jack,” is coming to the festival as a guest of honor.

The 57-year-old will present the new satirical political movie “The Land of Dreams” on October 27-28 with director Shirin Neshat.

“Extraordinary Actor”

“He is an exceptional director and actor himself who has been able to reinvent himself over and over again over the decades of his career,” Finale director Eva Sangiorgi Delon said on Radio Show Rosen. In addition to Dillon, filmmakers Mia Hansen Love, Matthew Amalric and Abel Ferrara were among the festival’s stars.

Festival featuring 240 films

Finale, Austria’s largest film festival, wants to welcome thousands of film lovers to five cinemas in downtown Vienna from Thursday. In total, about 240 films will be shown through October 31, director Eva Sangiorgi revealed at a press conference on Tuesday night. It is about contemporary cinema that engages with today’s society in all its aspects and creates memories, according to Sangiorgi.

While the winner in Venice this year, Audrey Dewan’s abortion drama L’Evenement, is the opening film, Joachim Trier’s Verdens Verske Menneske, celebrated in Cannes, will be the closing film on October 31. “Launching cinema as an event space – that’s what defines Finaly for me,” said Vienna City Councilor for Culture Veronica Kaup-Hassler (SPÖ) with Fire and Flame for the upcoming film festival.

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