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Side expatriate Kasellakis takes over as head of Syriza party –

Side expatriate Kasellakis takes over as head of Syriza party –

A newcomer to politics is the new leader of Greece’s left-wing Syriza party: 35-year-old Stefanos Kasellakis was elected yesterday as Alexis Tsipras’ successor.

He received 56% of the votes, defeating, among others, former Labor Minister Evi Accesoglu. The party’s internal election campaign revealed deep divisions within Greece’s largest opposition party.

The new party leader was not known in Greece until a few weeks ago and has not held any elected office. Born in Athens, he went to the United States on a scholarship at the age of 14 and lived in Miami, Florida, until recently.

In the USA, he worked, among other things, as a raw materials trader for Goldman Sachs before becoming managing director of the ship’s owner, SwiftBulk Holding, based in Great Britain.

Tsipras announced his resignation from the presidency of the Syriza Party after the major defeat suffered by his party in the parliamentary elections that took place last June. Syriza received only 17.83% of the votes. The conservative New Democracy Party received 40.56 percent of the votes, ensuring Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis an absolute majority.

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