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Siegfried.  Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra Sir Simon Rattle, Director BR-Klassik, 900211Online Merker

Siegfried. Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra Sir Simon Rattle, Director BR-Klassik, 900211Online Merker

Cheeky Rattle “Siegfried”

The long-awaited continuation of the cycle of concerts by the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra under the charismatic direction of Sir Simon Rattle, consisting of “Rheingold” (2015) and “Walküre” (2019), has now been recorded on CD with a performance of “Siegfried”. This Ring tournament represents not only a technical engagement, but also the countdown to Simon Rattle officially taking over as President of SOdBR at the start of the new season. The previous two parts were huge successes and expectations were correspondingly high – an expectation that was met admirably on this recording.

WhichBavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra Proving once again that he can inspire not only in the field of symphony, but again also in the genre of opera. It was already clear in the earlier parts of the Ring cycle that the orchestra under Rattle was exceptionally flexible and adaptable. This tradition has continued, and the interpretation of “Siegfried” shows a tonal perfection rarely found in this form.

Simon O’Neill He gives a powerful yet nuanced performance as Siegfried. This is his third recording and the development of his role has continued to grow. His voice gives the lead role a captivating characterization – from youthful naiveté to heroic determination. O’Neill not only displays vocal mastery, but also a deep connection to the character’s emotional level. He gives his role a clear image, without getting tired to the end.

michael bean, World-renowned for his impressive vocal presence, he is once again happy as a touring performer. His performance has a charismatic intensity that is effortlessly conveyed across all registers with his powerful voice. In this performance, his encounters with Mime, Siegfried, Alberich and, above all, Erda, achieved an extraordinary intensity of expression, as exciting as vocal excitement. In terms of expression and penetration of the text, Bean works at the single pinnacle of vocal mastery. Each clip is created with enjoyment. Michael Bean shows once again why he is currently the undisputed dean of his field. It’s the absolute center of this record!

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anja campi, As Brünnhilde, she delights with her impressive voice, which masters both powerful highs and subtle nuances. Her portrayal shows the full range of the character, from primal Valkyrie to fiery lover, and gives the role a special vocal warmth. She is not a very dramatic person and stays within her abilities. Some of the high notes are achieved through articulatory compromise, which is likely given their overall performance.

the singers Gerhild Rumberger As Irda and Danae Contoura Forest birds also deserve recognition for their outstanding achievements. With her warm alto, Romberger adds wonderful vocal arcs to Erda’s picture. Contoura’s clear, forest-bird voice gives the scene a magical presence. George Nagle Alberich also gives his role a sharp edge. The character’s lanky baritone gives a surprising aspect that makes Alberich seem both attractive and human. Franz Joseph Selig Fafner also convinces with his deep, expansive bass, while… Peter Hoare It also impresses with its heroic touch and clear content. He avoids any flamboyance and creates his role purely musically. Sometimes he suffers from missteps in the script, but the listener still follows his mime with amusement.

The performance of the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Sir Simon Rattle is simply stunning. Rattle knows how to capture the inner tension of the music and present it with orchestral splendor. Sound gradation, transparency and melodic flow are seamlessly combined, resulting in an extraordinary musical experience. The orchestra displays an amazing range of expression and dynamics, and the connection between orchestra and soloists is characterized by harmonious unity. The best performances can be experienced in all orchestras, making this recording an orchestral festival.

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Overall, this complete recording of Siegfried presents a successful interpretation of the work that emphasizes the vocal excellence of the soloists and the splendor of the orchestra. The artistic achievements of Sir Simon Rattle and the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra contribute to the fact that this recording can undoubtedly be counted among Wagner’s stunning interpretations. A musical journey through Wagner’s “wonderful world” that captivates and inspires.

The recording was recorded live in February at the new Isar Philharmonic Hall and is also an audio experience.

Dirk Schaus, in October 2023

Richard Wagner

Siegfried – Complete Recording

Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra

Sir Simon Rattle, Director

PR-Classic, 900211