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“Signed Employment Contract” – “Hartz and Cozy” star – Janine surprises fans

“Signed Employment Contract” – “Hartz and Cozy” star – Janine surprises fans

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from: Sienna Cottage

Janine’s path to freelancing is currently being shown in “Hartz und Herzen”. Meanwhile, the Mannheim native has changed her mind, now announcing on Instagram:

The social documentary “Hartz Woody – Day by Day Benz Barracks” follows the residents of the socially disadvantaged district of Mannheim at every turn. The show revolves around the – sometimes difficult – fates of the Benz Barracks and their daily lives with Hartz IV. As reported by MANNHEIM24, there are also positive developments in “Hartz and Warmly”.

Broadcasting Hartz and Cordial – Day by day Benz Barracks
channel RTTWO
location Mannheim

“Hartz and warm” on RTLZWEI: TV sweetheart Janine becomes self-employed after training

Benz Barracks in the Waldhof district of Mannheim – this is where the mother of the twins, Janine, lives. Through the presentation of RTLZWEI, it is now known far beyond the city squares. Over the years, along with the now deceased Elvis, Catherine and Dagmar, she has become a veritable TV celebrity. (The social documentary as well RTL+ to see.)

What do viewers like? your design! Meanwhile, in the social documentary “Hartz and heartely: Daybreak bracks” you can see how Janine struggles her way into freelancing. Cameras accompanied the Mannheim native on her long journey there: from her hobby to her scholarship to the successful completion of her training at the Make-up Artist School in Frankfurt.

“Hartz Woodall” in Mannheim: Janine closes her shop – and is surprised by the news

Janine experienced ups and downs of feelings: the big day, when the participant in the program “Hartz und Herzen” finally opened her own boutique, followed a few months later by bitter disappointment: the beauty queen “Hartz und Herzen” announced the closure of the salon .

In an Instagram story, Janine announces the end of the shop: “[…] I work from home from now on my store is now closed! Nothing bad happened, it was my decision.” She also wrote that appointments can still be booked via e-mail. Nothing is known about the reason for the closure. Now Janine surprises her fans with good news!


Hartz and Dodial in the Benz barracks: Janine signs a contract

On her Instagram story on Thursday, May 4, Janine posted a surprising piece of news: “Happy. Employment contract signed.” In a later post, the single parent posted a video of her kids having fun on the playground. And she gave the family video an emotional caption: “I do everything just for you.”

Reality has now surpassed what is happening on TV. In previewing the new episodes “Hartz und Herzen” Janine also says that the opening of her shop has been delayed by a month and is in the midst of preparations for freelancing. As she has now announced on Instagram, it appears she has signed a contract as an employee. What that means for its independence is not yet clear. (sic)

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