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Rush to the frieze |

Rush to the frieze |

Collectors from all over the world traveled to London for Frieze Week and bought as if there was no tomorrow. Six galleries are represented from Austria.

Henrike Nielsen of Vienna’s Croy Nielsen Gallery says of London’s Frieze Art Gallery, which has opened its two tents in Regent’s Park until Sunday evening, Frieze feels as if it was before the pandemic again. There was more than she expected. “There are also American and Asian visitors here again. I wasn’t expecting that,” says the owner of the gallery, which has sold well from the start. The program includes the work of Sandra Mujinga, represented at this year’s Venice Biennale.

Queues formed at the entrance to the preview this year not due to access restrictions due to the pandemic, but simply because visitors literally stormed the contemporary art gallery. Fears have faded that the eagerly anticipated premiere of Paris + Art Basel next week at the Grand Palais Éphémère in Paris could keep Frieze away from visitors. On the contrary, the proximity of the Frieze gallery to the Paris fair may have a positive effect.

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