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Immersive exhibitions in Graz and Salzburg

Immersive exhibitions in Graz and Salzburg

There are immersive exhibitions on everyone’s lips: they opened quite recently “Viva Frida Kahlo” The Gates of Vienna Marx Halle, the exhibition that followed in the fall (“Tutankhamun”) is already planned. But these multidimensional realms of experience aren’t just limited to the federal capital: Graz and Salzburg follow suit around the same time – with immersive offerings all around. Vincent Van Gogh!

First of all: it’s not about the same show! This will also not be possible due to the deadline: Van Gogh – The Immersive Experience Opened on the 2nd of June 2023 in the Exhibition Hall A Graz, the exhibition “Van Gogh Alive” welcomes visitors from the 17th of June at the Exhibition Center Salzburg.

How are immersive offerings different?

Van Gogh Gallery in Salzburg

“Van Gogh is alive” He has been touring the world for years. According to his own data, the exhibition was shown in about 70 countries – and now it’s Salzburg’s turn. The focus here is clearly on Van Gogh’s paintings: 3,000 works are displayed on the gallery room’s walls accompanied by atmospheric light and music.

With the larger-than-life display, details come to the fore and visitors feel like they’ve become part of the visual world. The gallery would like to invite adults, as well as children and young people, to engage with Van Gogh’s works.

  • location:
    • At the Exhibition Center 1/5020 Salzburg
  • work hours:
    • From June 17 to October 8, 2023
    • Daily, from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm

Van Gogh Gallery in Graz

Van Gogh – The Immersive Experience Coming from German Ludwigsburg directly to the Graz Exhibition Center. As with its counterpart in Salzburg, the Dutch artist’s works are displayed on the walls and framed by soulful melodies and light installations.

Not only does the exhibition display more than 500 paintings, but it also provides insight into the history of their creation. In addition, the artist’s life is discussed, including his time in the monastery and letters to his brother, in which Van Gogh revealed his inner world of feelings.

Van Gogh – the immersive experience

  • location:
    • Exhibition Hall A: Messeplatz 1/8010 Graz
  • work hours:
    • Tuesday / Wednesday / Sunday: 10 am – 6 pm
    • Thursday / Friday / Saturday / Public Holidays: 10 am – 8 pm

The Van Gogh Graz Experience

What exactly is an immersive exhibition?

“Immersive” means “immersion” – and this is exactly the point of immersive exhibitions: the audience has the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the world of the art movement in question. For this purpose, paintings, photos, drawings and animations are displayed in large format on neutral walls. But this alone is not enough: the illusion is perfected with the help of music (often composed specifically for the exhibition) and atmospheric lighting fixtures.

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