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“We look forward to a successful Hajj year”

“We look forward to a successful Hajj year”

On Sunday, March 5, 2023, the Board of Directors of the Mariazell Parade Association in Semmering was re-elected for a new term by a large majority. Simmering’s chief gardener Johan Kasehs remains chairman.
On the second Sunday of Lent, March 5, 2023, the traditional general assembly of the Mariazell Procession Society reconvened after a two-year break. More than 70 members came to pray together and elect a new board of directors.
The Rev. Christian March, who is also the spiritual director of the association, has departed In the fasting prayer in the fasting sermon The goals of fasting and the relationship with God. Members of the association who have died since September 4, 2022, are also remembered.

Election of the Board of Directors

After the common prayer, the General Assembly of the Assembly followed. After a three-year term on the Council, he had to be re-elected in 2023. There was great agreement in the election of representatives to the Assembly.
Karl Kolovets conducted the elections with the following result:
President: Johan Casey, Vice President: MMag. Doris Radelmayer, Treasurer: Josef Bonicz, Deputy Treasurer: Mario Bonicz, Secretary: MMag. Kristin Cavalar, Deputy Secretary: The Roman Mood.
Treasurers were also chosen by election: Werner Meri and Mag. Bernard Wichorek.

After everyone accepted the election and thanked them for the great trust, the new president, Johann Kasse, was able to end the meeting properly: “I am looking forward to a successful pilgrimage year and invite everyone to come with impatience to the pilgrimage again. Also take friends and acquaintances, even if they are not members,” he called. President Kasehs. The Hajj program can be found here.

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Pilgrims’ opinion on Weinviertel

The third part was a look at the way of Winviertil to St. James. Ingrid Krauss and her husband Werner came from Poisdorf specifically to tell about this wonderful pilgrimage route. “We are a young pilgrim, because we have only existed for ten years, not like your association for more than 130 years,” Ingrid Krause also admires the three pilgrimages every year. Ingrid Krause backed up her report with photos, as a companion to the pilgrims and author of The Weinviertel Method of St. James, she was able to report on special impressions along the way. As a religious teacher in Poisdorf, she often went on pilgrimages with children and told members of the Society about it. Some of the members tasted it and the idea of ​​going on pilgrimage together came to Weinviertel…