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Nicola Mining has signed a purchase agreement for gold and silver concentrate with Ocean Partners Holdings

Silver X begins Nueva Recuperada’s ESIA upgrade to expand operations and quadruple processing facility capacity to 2,500 tons per day

The updated Environmental and Social Impact Assessment makes it possible to increase the capacity of the processing plant in new get well 2500 tons per day As well as a new waste storage facility from 8,000,000 NS3

NSsia is One An important element in maintaining and promoting public approval of the process

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, 6. Arrowtopper 2021. SILVER X MINING CORP. (TSX-V: AGX) (Pink OTC: WRPSF) (“silver X“Ohfroms The comp“) Announces its updated Environmental Stress and Social Impact Assessment (environmental and social Impact evaluation – „ESIA) for his project new get well (The “Project“) I started expanding operations. new get well Currently operating in the mid-size range (three hundred fifty tpd up to 5.000 tpd), where is the agreed ability to 2.500 tpd should be expanded. The NSshe is He ist important one Comprised of a large-scale process for obtaining environmental and social permits, the multi-metal silver mining units will be wholly owned by the company Tangana And Esperanza includes. The appraisal also relates to the relevant mining infrastructure and existing tailings, making the entire appraisal area 4.900 Hectare. Important components of ESIA update It also includes the expansion of production capacity of metal processing plant company from 600 currently tpd to 2500 tpd In addition to a new waste storage facility with a capacity of 8,000,000 NS3. silver X Focuses on silver production new get well enormous It aims to increase its annual production by 2024 5 million ounces AG sought.

Pilar Garcia Head of Permits and Environmental Impact Department in a silver X, he said: “Responsible development is a fundamental principle of silver X”. And she continued: “Environmental studies and consultations with the community about ESIA Enabling joint discussions with shareholders, while at the same time showing the company a clear path to expand its operations. We are very proud, Public approval of the operation new get well to have, We will continue to reduce and mitigate our environmental impact while at the same time with Shareholders will share in the economic benefits of resource development. weIndia in time, uMoney ESIA updateApplication in May 2022 To be able to apply and assume that approval will take place next year.

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The ESIA isA systematic process to assess the impact that a project may have on the physical, biological, social/economic, social and cultural environments. Actions that the project should take to address negative outcomes have been identifiedrkTo prevent, reduce, reduce or compensateAnd As well as increasing the positive effects wherever possible. The he ishe is from the project get well It will contain the following ingredients:

Littleisanalyse: The first investigation to assess the environmental and social situation in the project area; was in September 2021 I started.

ProjectNSDescribe: DitaiNSNSAn ized summary of all project components, systems, and associated companies; was in September 2021 I started.

IImpact identification and forecasting: A comprehensive review of all the effects and benefits of the E . schemeexpansive.

Environmental and Social Management plan (ESMP): It contains short and long-term environmental and social measures and proceduresManagement from the project.

Shareholdersngagement: continuous action, The Over the ESIA Lasts. focused on a Wide range of activities including information exchangeAnd Advice, negotiation and partnership building. The first community workshop was held in September 2021 instead of.

above silver X Mining

silver X Mining is a Canadian silver mining company with projects in Peru and Ecuador. The main project of the company is the silver, lead and zinc project new get well in a Huancavelica, Peru. The founders and management have a long track record of creating shareholder value. You can find more information on our website at the address

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About the council

Jose M Garcia

CEO and Director

For more information please contact:

Silver X Mining Corp.

+1 604358 1382 | [email protected]

sresearch 1430 – 800 West Bender Street, Vancouver, BC V6C 2V6

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