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Simonsfield Wind Energy – 500,000 households could be supplied with green electricity by 2030

Simonsfield Wind Energy – 500,000 households could be supplied with green electricity by 2030

More than 300 shareholders attended the general meeting of Windkraft Simonsfeld in Stockeru – despite the European Championship football match between Austria and the Netherlands. Markus Winter, chief technology officer, pointed to global warming, which scientists assure us can still be changed. Simonsfield Wind Energy sees itself as part of the solution; Many projects have been working on the energy transition for 25 years.

The Dornkraut 2 wind farm expansion is set to start operating in September 2023. Three systems are under construction in Wilfersdorf and will be operational in autumn 2024. Winter reports that a number of other systems have already been approved, primarily in Austria. Today, the project needs a timeframe of six to eight years before it can then be implemented in a one-year construction period. “Politicians are also required to make a clear commitment to renewable energy,” Winter calls for.

Climate goals can be achieved.

Winter is convinced that climate targets can be met with wind, water and photovoltaics if expansion is accelerated. A wind farm is also planned in Wollersdorf, which will be fed directly to Austria's largest energy consumer, the Jungfrauenzlauer. Photovoltaic systems are also being planned, which could complement existing wind turbines very well and would not put any additional strain on the grid.

According to Winter, replacing wind turbines with more powerful ones is also a good alternative for more sustainable energy production. In addition to Lower Austria, wind turbines are also being planned and built in neighbouring federal states, as well as in Romania, Bulgaria, Slovakia and France.

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Ambitious goals for the next few years

Simonsfeld Wind Power has big plans for 2025: the goal is to produce 740 million kilowatt-hours, and by 2030 they want to increase this to two billion kilowatt-hours. The 100 wind turbines in 20 projects currently being planned will be enough to achieve this. Finance Director Alexander Hochor confirmed that the Simonsfield wind power plant could provide 500,000 families with electricity from sustainable energy.

Hochauer presented an excellent balance sheet of EUR 47 million after tax, an equity ratio of 46.2 percent and a total balance sheet of EUR 355.6 million. In 2023, EUR 20.5 million will be invested in systems and EUR 10.2 million in future projects. 124 employees and 2,519 shareholders stand behind Windkraft Simonsfeld.

Dividend of 14 euros per share

It was decided to distribute 14 euros per share at the general meeting. The General Assembly also approved the purchase of treasury shares for the employee participation program. The combination of wind, water and photovoltaics was also well represented in terms of numbers. In the winter months, when photovoltaics and hydropower are weaker, wind energy accounts for 50 to 75 percent of production. This trio is complemented by biomass and corresponding storage options in order to make electricity production renewable.

Board Member Hochauer also discussed electricity prices in the past few years and emphasized that Windkraft Simonsfeld constantly hedges electricity prices on the stock exchange in order to achieve risk diversification and secure economic development. It is also interesting that Salinen Austria and Jungbunzlauer have fixed contracts for electricity supply with Windkraft Simonsfeld.

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