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Duchess Megan could have built a hidden message in children's books

Duchess Megan could have built a hidden message in children’s books

Megan Be from her husband, Prince HarryAnd his son Archie, who turned 2 on Thursday, was the inspiration for writing the story. It reminded you of the many ways love can form and express itself in a modern family. Megan According to the publisher, an audiobook will also be recorded.

British writer and royal family expert Ingrid Seward The book sees more than just a beautiful story. She believes Megan may have built in a “coded message” like the one in the British newspaper the sun Writes. Specifically, she suspects that the Duchess indirectly healed Harry’s agonizing loss of her military kiss. He had to concede this after withdrawing from the royal house.

A big disappointment

According to British media, losing this title would mean a heavy loss for the prince who, after years of military service with deployment in Afghanistan, remained in close contact with the army and also helped bring about the “Invictus Games”. .

Seward’s assumption is based on an illustration of a father in uniform in the book, who has red hair like Harry. He playfully throws his baby in the air while mom looks out the window.

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