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Singer Eloy de Jong offered "The Masked Dancer".

Singer Eloy de Jong offered “The Masked Dancer”.

The plug was pulled from a superhero: Dutch pop singer Eloy de Jong was eliminated in the semi-finals of ProSieben’s “The Masked Dancer”. The 48-year-old got the fewest audience votes in Cologne on Thursday night and had to take off his mask. For the past few weeks, he’s appeared as “Maximum Power” in a purple and orange hero costume with a lightning bolt flashing across his chest.

“I’m really glad this thing is finally out,” said the singer, who rose to fame as a member of the boy band Caught in the Act in the early ’90s after he took off his mask. But he enjoys dancing a lot.

Several clues had already set the jury on the singer’s path: Tulip was presented as an indicator. Finally, Alexander Claus of the de Jong guessing team guessed, while his colleague Stephen Gatin suspected that Bürger artist Lars Dietrich was under the mask. Guest judge Anne Marie Carpendale chose Benjamin Boyce, who also sang on Caught in the Act.

Maximum Power garnered a lot of praise from the jury for its cool costumes and choreography with robotic elements. The superhero dances to Soundgarden’s Black Hole Sun.

On the show, the jury and viewers try to guess hooded celebrities based on their dances and with the help of clues. Former boxer Axel Schulz and singer Ute Limber have already been revealed in the first two episodes. The remaining four masks will be revealed in the final on January 27.