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Ex-maid: embarrassing revelations about Prince Andrew

Ex-maid: embarrassing revelations about Prince Andrew

She also described an incident in which she had to walk four stories to draw the curtains, even though Prince Andrew was sitting right next to her. “Can’t you do anything right?” , brother Prinz Charles I got angry with Giggs for being too slow for him. “This guy was fighting for his country in the Falklands but he couldn’t get up to close his curtains. It was so ridiculous but he talked a lot about him,” the mother of two said in her interview.

According to her, he was in general very moody, often fearful and not independent: “We made his bed, arranged his collection of teddy bears, straightened the curtains and put on his pajamas. But he was lazy and behaved like a spoiled apple. Naughty. “

Ex-Employee: Prince Andrew laughed at a dog bite

Prince Andrew’s former maid also recalled an incident when one of the prince’s dogs was bitten. A nine-year-old Norfolk terrier, named after a favorite chocolate from before Sarah FergusonThe 61-year-old’s ex-wife attacked Charlotte Giggs while vacuuming.

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