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Sinko’s Music Salon #10: Mahler’s Great Enigma

Gustav Mahler’s Seventh Symphony is considered the most mysterious. Soon, Kirill Petrenko will direct the work at the Salzburg Festival. Those who are curious can “spy” on August 26 in the digital concert hall of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra how this concert will end. And get ready for it at Presse Music Salon: Wilhelm Sinkovicz proves how amazing Mahler’s sonic world can be and how to solve its mysteries.

About the new podcast:

Music critic “Brice” Wilhelm Senkovic He presents his favorite recordings and invites us to dig into his classic collection with him and delve into the mysteries of Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, and others. Podcast for experts and beginners.

from now on Every Thursday On Press and wherever there are podcasts.
Produced by: Wilhelm Sinkovicz /
Audio ending: Georg Gfrerer /
Editing/Pregnancy: Anna Wallner
Graphic: David Jablonsky.

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Excerpts from a recording of working with the New York Philharmonic can be heard below Leonard Bernstein (German gramophone).

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