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SK Rapid:: Al-Shabab dominated the derby

SK Rapid:: Al-Shabab dominated the derby

It was a more than successful Saturday for the footballers of the green and white academy, who, like last year (3 wins), remained unbeaten in the list of favorites. The Under-18s celebrated their second win of the season, the Under-16s celebrated a 3-1 win but remained beaten and the Under-15s had to settle for a 3-3 draw in an intense and difficult match.

AKA Austria U18 – AKA SK Rapid U18 0:1

From the first minute, Rapid controlled the match in two favourites. The opening phase was balanced with a few goal area sightings from both sides but plenty of ball control from the green and white. Rapid frequently launches progression through Eaden Roka and the right flank. However, the lead after 25 minutes came from the left side. Yasin Mancan created a little space for himself, passing the ball from the baseline into the five-yard box, where Daris Djezic was right and gave the Green-White the lead. As a result, our young men continue to dominate the game. Lorenz Szladets headed in, or more accurately shouldered, a corner kick from a promising position to make it 2-0. Top scorer Daris Gesic was also well cleared after the break, but the striker fired the ball over the goal. The home side once had a dangerous lead in front of goal, but the low shot was easily saved by Mario Mladenov. Substitute Fabian Silber missed the second goal with a powerful finish in the final stage, so in the end there was an undisputed and deserved derby win.