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Women's giant slalom in Lenzerheide is now live on tape

Women’s giant slalom in Lenzerheide is now live on tape

For the second and final time this World Cup season, the women of the alpine ski world are facing a challenge in the Swiss ski region of Lenzerheide. Here’s the giant slalom in the live strip.

Women’s Giant Slalom at Leinzerheide – Round 1 place



time / accumulation

1 Sarah Hector 1:01,11
2 Michaela Schiffrin + 0.11
3 Tessa Worley + 0.16
4 Federica Brignoni + 1.00
5 Michelle Jessen + 1.32

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Alpine skiing: Lenzerheide women’s giant slalom now in live video

Alice Robinson (New Zealand): Alice Robinson takes it too bravely and overdos it a bit, retiring at the end of the steep incline.

Michel Jessen (Switzerland): Michelle Jezin doesn’t seem very happy with her ride after her ride, but at the same time she seems relieved that she ran. It ranks fifth with a difference of 1.32 seconds.

Ragnhild Muenkel (North): The Norwegian is fast behind by more than eight tenths, and yet it is impeccable. Fifth place for them.

Marina Jacinica Daniel (Poland): The pole also has big problems on the steep slope, but he stays on his skis and doesn’t retire! However, it has to accept significant time losses, it is 2.24 seconds behind at the end. This will likely be tight after the second round is reached.

Sarah Hector (Sweden): The Olympic giant slalom champion confirmed her great form right from the start and took in nearly three-tenths of a chevron after the first split! After that you lose a bit of ground, only to gain time again at the end of the midsection. In the end she has a cushion of eleven hundred in chevron and thus takes the lead.

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Marta Pacino (ITA): Marta Pacino is eliminated on a steep slope! The Italian skates through the gate, and her race is over early.

Tessa Worley (France): The Frenchman is doing very well and is up a tenth after the third time measurement. But below, Shiffrin is apparently fast, and Worley can’t quite keep up. The French are late five hundred at the end.

Federica Brignoni (ITA): The Italian gets off safely on the ride but loses a lot of time at one point or another. In the end, the gap was added to the Shiffrin up to 0.89 seconds, which is a decent load.

Petra Flova (SVK): The Slovak is in the lead after the first split by five hundred, but at the beginning of the middle part Petra Vltova loses her balance, falls to the left in the snow and is eliminated!

Michaela Shiffrin (USA): Since Lara Gut-Behrami doesn’t start today, Mikaela Shiffrin opens her giant slalom. In the bright sunlight, the American threw herself down the slope and picked a narrow line around the gates as usual. What is your time 1: 01.22 minutes?

Alpine skiing: the Lenzerheide women’s giant slalom now in the live strip – start of the first round

Before start: It takes time for first ÖSV driver, then Ramona Seppenhofer (12th), 10th in the giant slalom standings, Katharina Troup (14) and Katharina Linsberger (15th), three Austrians, to qualify in the first round in a matter of a few minutes. Followed by Stephanie Brunner at number 24, and Ricarda Hauser wearing the starting number 26. Franziska Gretsch (38), Elizabeth Kabaurier (41), Katharina Hopper (46) and Nina Astner (49) at a later stage in the required first round. The ÖSV team consists of nine rookie players.

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Before start: On the other hand, the Swiss ski team sends ten riders to the race. Lara Gut Behrami, third in Super G yesterday, opens the first race with a number one start. Michel Jezin followed as the tenth starter, and Wendy Holdner as the sixteenth driver role. Camille Rast (22nd place), Andrea Ellenberger (27th place) and Simon Wilde (30th place) are also among the top 30 rookies. As the first round progresses, more follows with Vivien Harry (43), Vanessa Casper (45), Jasmina Sutter (51) and Prisca Neufer (54), who won one of her two downhill races in Crans-Montana a week earlier than the Swiss runners.

Before start: While the German driver, Kira Weidle, was represented in the Super G championship yesterday, today’s giant slalom is taking place without any DSV participation.

Before start: By winning today’s event, Sweden’s Sarah Hector could be one step closer to achieving her goal of an all-out victory in the giant slalom. If her rivals Tessa Worley of France and Michaela Schiffrin of the United States don’t finish in the top ten, the 29-year-old can claim victory overall.

Before start: The Swiss ski area Lenzerheide serves as a venue. It’s supposed to start at 10 am.

Before start: Hello and welcome to the women’s giant slalom live stream.

Alpine skiing: women’s giant slalom in Lenzerheide today in live tape – broadcast on TV and live

Unlike usual, there will be no broadcasts today on one of the public broadcasters. Instead, private broadcasters Eurosport She agreed to broadcast the race on TV and live. However, this is only free on Line TV. If you want to watch the event as a live stream online, you must have a subscription to one of the following three services:

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