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Skateboarding: It is possible to register for the early testing stages

Skateboarding: It is possible to register for the early testing stages

It might not be a detailed and official demo just yet, but there’s finally a new sign of life from the return of the Skate series. Players can also register for scheduled test periods.

Publisher EA has the new Skate 4, which is probably a really simple skate. It is called, briefly in the memory of the players. And in a new sign of life for the game, they confirmed that they “continue to work on this”.

Developer Full Circle adds that it’s now time to show at least part of what they’ve been working on. “It’s still very early days but we want to get it right and that means we want you to be a part of it.”

This means: before the release, which seems to be quite a long way off, there will be various testing stages for the new ski, where you can participate to give your feedback. In order for this to be approved, you can Register now on the official website. The developer then accepts players registered for closed tests by selection; No videos, screenshots or live broadcasts may be shared from them.

The announcement of the auditions is decorated with a teaser video that also shows some scenes. According to official information, these are very early “pre-alpha” impressions.

Skate – still working on trailer

Skate 4 needs a little more. But the developers give another preview of what awaits you on the skateboard with this trailer.