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SKN St. Polten stumbles at home to FC Liefering – Second Division

SKN St. Polten stumbles at home to FC Liefering – Second Division

In round 3 of the ADMIRAL 2nd league, it was SKN St. Polten on it FC Liefering And the “wolves” had a great start to the new season. Both matches in the league (4: 1 at SK Sturm II and 2: 0 at home against SV Lafnitz) were able to do the head coach’s team Stephen Helm win with confidence. I spoiled the start FC Liefering With 0: 1 in the Red Bull area vs FC Dornbirn. Second round vs SV Horn Can not be held due to heavy rain.

The 19-year-old striker from Serie A under-19 champions Juventus Turin, Nicolò Turko, went down 1-0 with the Young Bulls at promotion favorites SKN St. Polten. And so New Honor coach Senil celebrated winning the first point with FC Liefering in the still young season.

St. Polten are looking for the early goal again but fall behind after fifteen minutes

The hosts entered the game well and wanted to press for an early goal again. SKN’s man of the hour Joel Dumpaxi wasted after eight minutes from a promising position. After almost a quarter of an hour, it was the guests who took the initiative and thus brought a high level of efficiency onto the pitch. Captain Atiapu took a 1-0 lead with his first goal of the season and that goal made things much easier for Salzburg. As the game progressed, the Young Bulls were the more active team and kept scoring.

SKN obviously had a hard time! The ‘flow’ from the first couple of courses was cut somewhat in the bud. Coach Helm reacted after 35 minutes with a double change – but his side continued to struggle and FC Liefering stayed a narrow 1-0 lead at the break.

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Andre Neumayer and the Wolves, spoiled by the victory, gnawed their teeth at the young bulls and suffered a surprising defeat at home.

The title favorite didn’t find a recipe in the second half of the game either

Even after restarting, the situation in NV Arena remained unchanged. Only the guests had good chances. With Gschweidl, SKN’s coaching duo brought on a new attacking force in place of Nitta at the break – but that shouldn’t be noticeable in terms of penetration. The game became more and more disorganized and little nicknames crept in. Referee Sadikovski had a lot to do and diligently dealt yellow cards in the second half of the match.

Only at the end of the game can the hosts pick up the pace. However, Liefering cleverly defended, barely allowing anything and returning the first three points from a still young season drought. Definitely a little surprise on the third day of play and the first small damper for SKN.

SKN St. Polten – Liefering 0: 1 (0: 1)

Fri Aug 11, 2023 (5:30 p.m.), NV Arena (St. Pölten), Z: 1,000, SR: Alain Sadikovski

Goal: 0-1 Atiabou (14 min)

Yellow cards: Ramsbner (22), Diabaté (28), Turku (47), Ritzmaier (64), Lukic (64), Stolz (66), Baumgartner (73), Zivkovic (76), Neumann (81), Lechner (87)

SKN St. Polten: proud; Keiblinger (Monzialo, 65), Carlson, Ramsebner, Bauer (Thesker, 35); Messerer (Stendera, 35), Neumayer, Dombaxi; Tadic, Nita (Gswedel, 46th), Ritzmeyer (Parlov, 71st)

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Levering Club: cromery. Mellberg, Zicovic, Mendes, Atiabo (Gevorgian, 67th); Sadeghi, Sulzbacher, Diabaté (Baumgartner, 60); Jano (Newman, 67); Trummer (Lukecom 60), Turku (Lechner, 86th)

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Image credit: GEPA-ADMIRAL