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Hausbrunn – Spannberg – The start showed all the faults

Hausbrunn – Spannberg – The start showed all the faults

Hausbrunn – Spanberg 4: 1. Fortunately, New Spanberger’s first match took Philip Toner to his former club in the first round. Although he still had many friends in Hausbrunn, he really wanted to win. But the victory was elusive, coach Mario Kosek had to admit.

“The first half was really bad from us,” Kosek said, although Stefan Swoboda’s goal was equalized by Samuel Deubner. Hausbrunn was more venomous, according to Cusick, his team was always second winner in duels. During the break he found clear words that made an impact.

Excitement After Red by Benjamin Bruckner

In the second 45 minutes, Kosik-Elf did better, but conceded three goals. Marcus Folfel gave Hosbrunn the lead in the 53rd minute, and ten minutes later there was a setback for the hosts: Benjamin Bruckner had to leave the field after a red foul. His coach, Herbert Sator, didn’t like the decision at all, lashing out at it and seeing it yellow. A double strike finally decided the match, on the 79th minute Dominic Schuller increased the score to 3: 1, and two minutes later Martin Kristoff scored from the penalty spot.

Cusick realizes: “Next week we play against Haringsea, we have to fix individual mistakes, otherwise it won’t work again.” He declares that he will work hard on it in the next few days. Rival Hausbrunn is again the leader of the first standings, in the next round it is against the current second Eckartsau.


Hausbrunn – Spanberg 4:1 (1:1).

target sequence: 1: 0 (26) Swoboda, 1: 1 (40) Deubner, 2: 1 (53) Wölfel, 3: 1 (79) Schuller, 4: 1 (81, penalty) Kristoff.

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Yellow cards: Sator (Rev. 65); Holzer (74 unsportsmanlike), Toner (86 errors).

Red cards: Bruckner (Error 64); .

Hausbrunn: Kupaczek. Swoboda (72 Harwanegg), Dominik Schüller (90 Puselja), Bruckner, Kristof, Patrick Schüller (75 Heck), Wölfel, Voda, Koch, Kavecky, Martin.

Spanberg: teether Pribitzer (60th Wiesinger), Holzer, Tonner, Kuchta, Thüringer, Kucharcuk, Deubner, Stanic (83rd Deltl), Starnberger, Mayr.

300 spectators, referee: Thomas Brockmuller.