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Skull & Bones: The Skull & Bones beta has been announced

Skull & Bones: The Skull & Bones beta has been announced

Decorated with a musical performance, Ubisoft also refocused on Skull & Bones a few days ago as part of its Forward presentation. However, the beta version advertised here seems to have a benefit.

Skull & Bones, which has been delayed countless times in the meantime, recently appeared briefly in Ubisoft Forward – again. A musical featuring game scenes hasn’t announced a new release date, but rather an upcoming beta testing phase in late summer. As it turns out, this has a benefit.

When the beta test registration site went live, players had the option to sign up for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles in addition to PC. how Insider games Citing a statement from a developer via Discord, controllers should not even be supported during the testing phase. The trial version will run on PC only.

There it was announced that the beta was “never intended for consoles”; So the registry option was wrong – and it’s been fixed in the meantime. Although there is no official statement on this fact, it exists Registrations to participate in the beta are now only possible for PC as a platform. So if you wanted to take a closer look at Skull & Bones on a console after all the trial and error of the past, you’d get nothing.

Skull & Bones beta testing is scheduled for August 25-28, 2023 and is limited to select players. You can secure your chance to participate by registering. The supposed pirate saga still doesn’t have a release date.

Skull & Bones – Sailor Shanty Video confirms beta closure

The recently delayed pirate game Skull & Bones got a Tin Sailor trailer at Ubisoft’s Forward presentation, which also announced a closed beta testing phase for August 25-28, 2023.