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So you start as an action item, liar or goblin with level 1 in your capital

from Sebastian Glanzer
If you’re from Worge, Pandare, or Goblin and don’t feel like fighting your way through the starting area for your people, you can visit Exiled Island or spawn directly in the capital at level 1. How the latter works, we’ll show you in this short tip.

In World of Warcraft, worgen, pandaren, and goblins all start out on special staging areas, which they have to play for first compared to other races in order to be able to move freely around Azeroth. Since the Shadowlands pre-patch, these races are optional In the new beginner experience Isle of the Exiled Enter.

But this is also a scenario that puts the player in a box outside of the rest of the game world. Above all, those who want to level up quickly will be happy to take the lucrative missions on Exiles Island with them. However, there is also a trick how you, as Pandare and Co. -Skip the starting scenarios and start directly from level 1 in your capital.