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So you use your old hard drive as external storage

So you use your old hard drive as external storage

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a desktop computer Practical because individual components can be removed. If a device is broken or old, that doesn’t mean everything has to end up in a landfill.

The easiest way is about The hard drive as an external storage unit Keep using. I will explain how it works:

  1. Remove the hard drive
  2. Identify connectors
  3. Buy the right case
  4. put into practice
  5. Access rights management

Remove the hard drive

Anyone who has never opened a computer before should know two things: 1. Everything is upfront Electricity And touch the heater to ground yourself. 2. It’s not really difficult. Depending on the model, some screws need to be loosened for this Side covers to remove the computer case.

Then the hard drive is removed. In doing so, one must be careful to handle the hard drive with care, as it does not work well Shivering reacts. Then the cables are released and the hard drive is held in your hand.

Identify connectors

Now it’s time to select the size and connections. The former is very easy. In most cases it is a 3.5 inch hard drive (standard width 101.6 mm). If it is smaller, it is 2.5 inches (standard width is 70mm).

Then you should look at the connections. In most cases it will be one Serial ATA (SATA) Represent. This one is bigger and smaller L-shaped connector, for every power supply And Data transfer. Alternatively, the disk can contain a file connector ide own it before 2005 It was used and used as pins. The connections look like this:

case purchase

Once the connection is determined, you can purchase a case in which the hard drive will find a new location. costs 20 to 30 euros On Amazon (eg here, here or here). You have the choice between housing material plastic And Metal. The latter dissipates heat better, but is also heavier.

When purchasing, you should consider the following:

  • external power supply – Power from PC via USB-C is not enough
  • High stability and correct size (2.5 or 3.5 inches)so that the hard disk remains stationary and cannot move
  • communication above USB3.0 or 3.1

The latter primarily characterizes the speed with which data is transmitted. USB 3.0 transfers max 4.8 GbpsWith USB 3.1 10 Gbps. You should stay away from USB 2.0. Here the data transfer is turned on 480 Mbps are limited, making transferring large amounts of data a test of patience.

If you have the correct case, insert the hard drive until the connections match. Then you connect it to electricity and the computer and put it in a protected place where it is stable.

Turn on the hard drive

This part was pretty easy in my case. I have followed the steps as described and Windows 11 computer Instantly identify your hard drive. If that doesn’t work, you can try restarting and using a different USB port.

If you remove the hard drive to backup data, access rights to all data may be lost. In Windows 11, every time you click on a folder, you will be asked if you have done so. permanent access On the respective folder he wants to get. This is tedious but necessary in order to be able to access all the data.

If that doesn’t work, you should change the rights to settings power. To do this, select the respective folder on the hard drive you want to access or the entire hard drive directly. Right click to open it characteristics desired folder or hard drive. In the net “launch“click”Extended participationSo you have to do it boss He is. There you can allow everyone or individual users full access to the files.

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