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Baldur’s Gate 3: Listen to the comments

Baldur’s Gate 3: Listen to the comments

With the second major patch, Larian has some important updates to it Baldur’s Gate 3 put on the road. Minor bugs have been fixed again and “significant performance improvements” have been made, according to the Belgian developer studio.

In addition, community feedback was taken into account. Accordingly, there are now additional scenes and Alternate epilogue scene For my favorite fans.

Baldur’s Gate 3: It will be “fiery and poignant” for Barbaryn

The barbarian Karlach, which you can include in your fighting forces, does not face it easily, but sleeps in it fiery heart, which meant, among other things, that no one could touch it without getting burned. She has a very contradictory personality, on the one hand she is always present in fights and seems quite violent when doing so, but on the other hand she has a very kind and compassionate heart. Perhaps this combination is what makes her one of the most popular characters.

Many fans were unhappy with the ending Karlac had. “We’ve started expanding epilogues, and you’ll see the first results of that in patch 2 with the addition of a new optional ending with Karlach,” Larian Studios said in a community update. “It’s fiery, poignant and empowering The end you deserve The developers also announced that there will also be alternate epilogue scenes for other characters, which will be incorporated into the game from patch 3. When this comes it’s still in the stars

A general view about All patch notes for update 2 (With spoiler tags above the relevant Karlach parts) You can here Find. If you want to know how In Baldur’s Gate 3, you can heal Karlach and win her heart too, take a look here.

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