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Soapbox race in Nicklasdorf: a possible event

Soapbox race in Nicklasdorf: a possible event

On Saturday, July 23, 2022, the Niklasdorf motorsport club caused a lot of fun with the soap box race at Brandgraben.

Niklas Dorf. “We thought With soap box racing we can Diversity in the calendar of events Concern,” says the chief MSC Niklasdorff,Wolfgang Kanner. Almost 30 participants and many visitors along the way would probably agree. It started in several categories and kids can also compete in the “Bobby Car Racing“He succumbed to the intoxication of speed. The participants came not only from Nicklasdorf, but also traveled from Vienna, Modling, Leibniz, Hartburg and also from the neighboring region of Bruck an der Maur.

Plans for next year

Wolfgang Kanner and his team hope for this event Also next year To be able to implement again and we will come up with some ideas in terms of organization. “The track is perfect with its many curves, so we will definitely try to be better next time,” says Wolfgang Kanner, adding, “But now we are enjoying a great response from the audience!”

The speed competition win – win Karl Heinz Heyden Before Gustav Lackner With a rare second feature and im “Fun quiz” I was Helmut Mack Also very close Thomas Bordus successful.

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