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Sofia Tomala: Alexander Zverev: "Not a single argument"

Sofia Tomala: Alexander Zverev: “Not a single argument”

At the beginning of October, the two declared their love to the public, and since then they have shown the medium Sophia Tomala (32) and a tennis star Alexander Zverev (24) Publicly how happy they are together. The Olympic champion also cheers his girlfriend on in a new interview.

“We’re doing really well,” he told with a smile. “He’s really very in tune with us.”

There are strong sparks between Sofia Tomala and tennis pro Alexander Zverev! This is also shown by the recordings in the video above.

Alexander Zverev and Sofia Tomala: “Not a single argument”

Do they quarrel? No, Zverev says. “We didn’t really fight once while we were together.”

On the tennis court you can always see how things are going in your personal life, says the tennis star. Sofia is clearly his lucky charm. In Vienna I enthusiastically encouraged him – and he won the title. Then he addressed himself with Touch a love letter for them.

At the end of the interview, Zverev was asked about his three wishes for this year: to win the title, the health of his family and “still a character I’d rather keep to myself.” When asked, he said: It is about Christmas and with whom he would like to celebrate this festival. Thinking of a beautiful presenter?

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