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Yasmine Tawil in psychiatry!  So goes the son of the ocean

Yasmine Tawil in psychiatry! So goes the son of the ocean

In an RTL interview

Yasmine Tawil in psychiatry! Father Michael Weber knows how Ocean’s son is doing

Jasmine Tawil with her son Ocean


Written by Sebastian Tewes and Marijona Slimani

Will Yasmin Tawil (40 years old) find her way to freedom? Because right now, the life of the former GZSZ star seems to be out of joint again. As confirmed by her father, Michael Weber, the actress is said to have been arrested by the police in Costa Rica, where she last lived with her partner Michele and son Ocean (3), for “several crimes”. Now the 40-year-old seems to have been transferred to a psychiatric ward. Now, Michael Weber, Jasmine’s father, tells RTL interview how three-year-old Ocean is doing.

Michael Weber: “It’s supposed to be a psychiatric ward in a prison.”

From 2011 to 2014, the actress and singer was married to musician Adel Tawil, with whom she had been in a relationship for 13 years. After the painful breakup, she suffered from depression and post-traumatic stress disorder and completely withdrew from the public. But then she emigrated to America – in 2019 she finally gave birth to her son and met her new partner, Mikkeli. The 40-year-old even moved to Costa Rica for it. All signs point to a happy ending.

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But then love. As reported by Bild, there were physical differences with Mekele a few weeks ago, which led to a complaint against Tawil. Is everything going downhill now? “I wish my daughter would get out of this confined situation as soon as possible. The psychiatric ward in the prison is supposed to be where it is. I really hope this turns out well and pray for Jasmine to get better. I just realized things can’t go on like this, Her father, Michael Weber, told us in an exclusive interview.


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But what about Jasmine’s long-term son, Ocean?

Meanwhile, the three-year-old is said to be in a home. According to Consulate, Ocean is said to be doing well given the circumstances. “That means: He has playmates there, he must be a very happy, very smart kid. I knew my grandson was actually smart and smart,” Weber says.

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Michael Weber now wants to pull out all the stops to bring his mini ocean to it. For this, he must appear personally. But I can only do that in Berlin. I have to do this through the responsible youth welfare office / family court. I will touch on that in Berlin. The call just came from the German Red Cross.”

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Michael Weber in an exclusive interview with RTL

Michael Weber in an exclusive interview with RTL


And even if Grandpa wanted to take the ocean himself, he couldn’t travel to Costa Rica: “I have a genetic disease and can’t fly more than two hours. It’s called genetic defect five. My daughter had it, my mother got it. It’s a family story. I can’t travel.” Around the world on a plane, ”weber explains in an interview with RTL.