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Solve the most complex mathematics in the search bar

Solve the most complex mathematics in the search bar

from Rhonda Bachman
Google continues to work on improvements and new features for its browser. As the company announced in a new post on its blog, users will soon be able to solve even the most difficult mathematical problems or get help in physics and engineering using the search bar and lens tool.

Google recently announced new features for the search bar and Lens tool in its browser. The program will be able to provide assistance in solving mathematical and scientific problems in the future. Math Solver is already available for desktop users and will soon also help with difficult tasks on mobile devices.

Google helps with mathematics, physics and engineering

As the company wrote, the new search and lens features will help learners visualize STEM-related concepts and easily know which equation to use to solve their problems. This should allow users to search for the correct answers in a more natural and intuitive way.

You can now enter an equation or integral into the search bar, or you can easily take a photo using Lens to see the step-by-step explanation and solution. The new functionality can also be found using the search term “Math Solver” on desktop, with a mobile version expected to follow soon. Users should also be able to get help with word problems, starting with many basic topics from high school physics.

In addition to mathematical and physics problems, the new job must also provide support in engineering. Lens can be used in some triangulation tasks to interpret the visual and textual components of a problem and create a step-by-step explanation of the solution. Google also offers 3D models for scientific fields such as physics, biology, and chemistry. Users should be able to view graphs and zoom in to get definitions of what they are currently looking at.

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source: Google, Tech Radar